Review: Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Holiday Special

GrimmFairyTales2014HolidaySpecial-coverOne of the common problems with the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe.  When it focuses on stories other than ones that it has tried to incorporate from a variety of fairy tales, literature and mythological pantheons, it tends to get a bit bogged down.  That is not to say though that original stories from this company are all bad, only they tend to do better whenever they come in a format which more closely resembles fairy tales.  That is the case here as once again Sela is forced to deal with Krampus at Christmas time instead of just being able to sit back and enjoy some egg nog and candy canes.

Over the past few years, it has been a common theme of Sela to intervene from Krampus attempting to kill as many people as he can over the holidays.  Usually this is a play on one of the good aspects of the holiday being distorted.  That is to say that Krampus has acted as an agent that punishes those that use (or misuse) Christmas traditions for their own interests.  While these previous issues have been of variable quality, the stories generally fit closer to the profile of what should be expected from this universe’s specials – a tale of morality usually involving a bit of gore.  This year’s story is a little different as instead of it focusing on those that Krampus wishes to punish, it focuses on the character’s background.  The effect of this is a story which is a lot more fairy tale like than most in the past specials, and it works well enough, especially with Sela trying to teach her disciples how to enjoy Christmas.

The end result is not amazing, but this fits better into the sequence of holiday specials than most of them have, for instance the relatively recent 2014 Halloween special.   Fans of the main series will probably find enough here to keep them happy, but this issue stands alone as enough of a creepy Christmas story for any readers interested in a little gore mixed in with their mistletoes.

Story: Anne Toole Art: Butch Mapa
Story: 7.8 Art: 8 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

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