Review: Spider-Woman #1

spider woman coverAfter much controversy and word-of-mouth, the new Spider-Woman series finally arrives.  It has now been a few years since Spider Woman headlined her own series, and a few decades since her first and most successful run in comics, and so a lot of fans are excited about the chance to be re-introduced to the character on a monthly basis.  The story follows Spider Woman as she jumps through various universes in the multiverse, trying to keep the newly introduced Silk alive.  As an introduction to the character this is one of the strangest that I have seen.  Comic book crossovers are an inescapable truth in comics, but this is one of the few times that I have seen the first issue of an ongoing series which incorporates in a large crossover, in this case Spider-verse.  It is a strange mix, because the series hits the ground running, and for the curious fans that might have wanted to pick up this issue because of all of the buzz, they might come in here feeling a little blind if they have at least not been exposed to anything else Spider-Verse related.

Because of that this issue faces a bit of an uphill battle in order to succeed, but it manages to do so, and on the strength of its characters.  Silk is a brand new character, but is immediately likeable.  Spider Woman, as the veteran superhero provides an anchor for the various comings-and-goings of other Spider characters in this book (of which there are three) which incidentally show three of the other “Spider-Women” (missing only a couple.)  This was a nice touch, to include so many versions of the titular character in one place and at least pays better homage to what has come before than many first issues manage to do.

The end result is a decent issue with some fun moments and fun dialogue.  It is maybe not the best start that this series could have gotten off to, but it was sort of forced into the larger story arc and forced to adapt, which it does well.  At the very least, with an ongoing series featuring Spider Woman, with Silk as her ally/sidekick, this series should be interesting, and without the crossover into Spider-Verse the future looks bright for it finding its own identity.

Story: Dennis Hopeless Art: Greg Land
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy

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