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Review: Thor #2

Thor 002-covThe second issue of the newly relaunched Thor picks up right where the first issue left off.  For those that are reading looking for an answer to the new identity of Thor, or to find out what happened to the original Thor, the answers are still not forthcoming.  As has been said all along by those answering the detractors, this is not just some stunt, but instead is part of an ongoing story, and those that have picked up this issue for the story will not be disappointed.  What should be pointed out first is that although there are a few clues as to the identity of the new Thor, there is still no name.  Interestingly enough though, this character is still being developed well as a character, as the first pages demonstrate.  After having managed to pick up the hammer in the previous issue, now she has to deal with the semi-sentient Mjolnir taking over her speech and even talking to her by replying to her thoughts.

As the story moves back to Earth to continue the action between Roxxon and the ice giants, the story kicks into high gear.  The new Thor proves to be insecure when dealing with a threat that stopped an army of Asgardian as well as others, but she comes to realize the power of the weapon which she now yields.  This is perhaps a common character development when it comes to comic book character discovering that they have extraordinary powers, but this is still handled with a degree of maturity and intelligence as it relates to the new Thor.  The remainder of the issue focuses mostly on this prolonged action sequence, but as this is Thor, it feels in place, as the character sort of feels like she has to be let loose first before she can figure out the answers that she needs.

The end result is a pretty fun issue.  The character is built up when possible, although it seems to be doing so in a way which will not interfere with the story.  Even so, the dialogue is often clever and well-paced, and the entire issue comes together extremely well.  There may still be some fans that are holding out for the return of the original Thor and who are staying away, but it is their loss.  This is a great story, full of engaging characters and well-thought out plots and actions sequences, and it is worthy of the name.

Story:  Jason Aaron Art:  Russell Dauterman  
Story: 8.6 Art:  8.6 Overall: 8.6  Recommendation:  Buy


  • How can this person be worthy to wield Mjolnir, yet have no clue about how it works? I don’t want some novice Thor learning how to be a god of thunder. Maybe I am impatient, but just get on with it already. Give us a name and a backstory posthaste!

    • I think that in the end that the story will be pretty exceptional, and if this secret identity is what we have to pay then so be it! Also, it is like being in a real comic universe, not knowing the secret identity of a character, it doesn’t happen often.