Review: Deep State #1

deep stateDeep State is a new series from BOOM! Studios which deals with conspiracy theories and those that research them and keep them under wraps.  As the press release for the series says “You know all those conspiracy theories you hear about?  Well, what if some of those were true?”  The story is introduced as a seasoned pro recruits a younger woman to the team of conspiracy theory investigators.  Wait a minute, though?  Isn’t that the recipe for the X-Files?  Well pretty much yes, and in this sense the series is not really breaking any new ground in its main characters, the only real difference here being that Ms. Branch, the younger of the partnership, is very much already a believer of conspiracies.

On a superficial level there could be seen to be two things working against this series.  The first is as already described that the characters might seem a bit stale.  The second is that thanks to a myriad of television shows and movies, that it would seem that there is no longer any fertile ground for exploring conspiracy theories.  In both cases, these superficial judgments are not true.  The characters are presented as being engaging to the reader, with the older more experienced Agent Harrow playing it straight to Ms. Branch’s more curious and dangerous inclinations.  The conspiracies are also presented in an interesting and new way.  As far as I know, this is the first attempt to tie together the conspiracy of the moon landing hoax with that of the lost cosmonauts, and the manner in which it ties the two together works well with the plot.

The sum of the experience is an intriguing series, filled with a few surprises here and there.  For those that treat conspiracies as just another aspect of pop culture, there is likely to be something new here to digest, but there is even a lot here for those fully immersed in the sub-culture of conspiracies.  The writing is generally of a high standard, and the artistic style, while at first seemingly a bit of place, melds well with the storytelling style by the end of the issue as the pair of investigators get thoroughly involved with a conspiracy.

Story: Justin Jordan Art: Ariela Kristantina
Story: 8.4  Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

Boom Studios! provided Graphics Policy with a free copy for review.