Super! by Unlikely Heroes Studios Out this November

On 11/19, the independent comic Super! by Unlikely Heroes Studios will see its first volume released exclusively on its website –! It’s 180 pages, full color, and collecting the first five issues in hardcover. Super! is a refreshing and original superhero comic, already receiving tons of praise.

Being creator-owned has allowed the team to offer a very unique opportunity in their store; for a small fee, series creator and artist Zack Dolan will put a custom sketch in the inside front cover of your book!

To demonstrate what these sketches might look like, every single book that was pre-ordered through their 2013 Kickstarter received a free sketch.

The series is written by Zack Dolan and Justin Piatt (who co-created the series together), features pencils by Dolan, colors by Everardo Orozco, inks by Laurie Foster and lettering byPiatt.