Preview: Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand: The Illustrated Screenplay HC


Retail Price: $24.99
Authors: Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl
Artist: Ramón K. Pérez
Cover Artist:  Ramón K. Pérez

If you love the imagination of Jim Henson, are an aspiring artist, or just a fan of the creative process, the final draft of this unproduced screenplay is a must-have. Plus, nine all new black-and-white pages illustrated by Ramón K Pérez that were cut, 19 original inked pages, 16 pages of layouts, and never-before-seen drawings, hand-written notes, and artifacts created from the Jim Henson Archives.

Adapted by Archaia into an award-winning graphic novel, this is the final 1974 draft of TALE OF SAND with Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl’s handwritten edits, as well as layouts and inked pages from the adaptation in gorgeous black-and-white, and never-before-seen sequences that were cut during the production of the graphic novel, newly illustrated by Ramón K. Pérez.

The Archaia team are process junkies and love sharing this incredible and unfiltered look behind the curtain at how Ramón K. Pérez took Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl’s original screenplay and turned it into one of the most critically acclaimed graphic novels of the last decade.