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Th3rd World Studios Dives into Adventure with the new All-Ages series Thanatos Diver

thanatos diverTh3rd World Studios has announced a new all-ages JRPG inspired title called, Thanatos Diver. The series, which will hit comic shop stands across the globe this November, follows a young girl named Samantha on an underwater treasure hunting adventure that leads her to a strange and exciting uncharted world, is already drawing high praise from retailers and comic professionals alike.

The series is created by Archaia alumni Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn. The two’s mutual love of old-school video games and a healthy dose of classic anime was a huge inspiration for the series. That inspiration is easily apparent in the dreamy landscapes and whimsical characters that inhabit the world of Thanatos Diver.

The series, which is set to be released this November, is currently in Diamond Previews for pre-order. Variant covers will be available for the series, featuring a wide range of artists from Jeremy Bastian to David Petersen to Carey Pietsch and Anissa Espinosa.

You can pre-order the book now, and check out some preview pages below.