Third Eye Comics, Facebook Advertising Done Right

Third Eye Comics is a nationally (maybe internationally) known comic book shop, and it’s not just their solid store and service. The store, which is a little bit of a drive from GP HQ here in Washington, DC, consistently shows how to gain new customers through simple online advertising.

I noticed months ago that the store consistently changes their advertising on Facebook, tying it into what’s currently going on in comicdom. With Guardians of the Galaxy opening this past weekend, they now have an ad praising their stock of the comic tie ins. During Captain America: The Winter Soldier, ads that have to do with Captain America comics were shown. It’s also likely they’re using geo-targeting to narrow down their audience to people within a realistic drive (it’d be silly to advertise to those in California for instance). They’re located in Southern Maryland and Annapolis, so having a radius of 60 miles would probably catch us in their ads.

This is a prime example of how to tailor a message to expand the comic market. The data is there, it’s time for the comic industry to embrace it!


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