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Our First Look at Clark Kent… From 2013

Numerous websites are all over a picture of actor Henry Cavill dressed in Clark Kent mode in a photo to help support The Royal Marines Charitable Trust. Many are claiming this is the first reveal of Henry Cavill in Clark Kent mode, the alter-ego to Superman with such catchy headlines as  “First Look at Henry Cavill as Clark Kent” and “Clark Kent Revealed.” Sadly, we already saw this at the end of Man of Steel. and unlike today’s photo, that had Kent wearing his iconic glasses. In other words, we have a photo of an actor, holding a t-shirt in front of a chair that says Clark. Nothing new unless you want to follow Cavill’s fashion choices for the film.

Carry on people, nothing new here.

clark_kent_man_of_steelAnd the photo that has everyone worked up… over nothing.