Squarriors is Coming!

I know squirrels are evil and can do lots of damage. Just ask my former car and the engine one decided to make its home. They’re ninja warriors, full of stealth and destruction. Devil’s Due Entertainment realizes to destructive nature of the rodent, and have acquired the creator-owned property Squarriors by Ashley M Witter and Ash Maczko.

Squarriors features the story of a small group of animals surviving after the fall of humanity, bringing about a mix of brutality, adorableness and a touch of sci-fi through Witter’s fantastic visuals.

Squarriors will see a crowdfunding campaign start in July. The comic’s “Spring” mini-series is set to debut nationwide in December.

Squarriors - Tin Kin - Ash Maczko Ashley Witter squarriors

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