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Kickstarter Spotlight: The Adventures of Aero-Girl: A Girl and Her Gorilla

DeWayne Feenstra is heading into the final day and a half for his Kickstarter campaign to print The Adventures of Aero-Girl: A Girl and Her Gorilla.

The story of Jacqueline MacKenzie, aka Aero-Girl, continues! After a tragic battle with the villainous Dr.Chimera, the Mackenzie family and the city of Foxbay struggle with their loss.

On top of the new issue, the Kickstarter has exclusive backup stories from Mario Gonzalez, and Cesar Vegara.

Having read the first issue, I fully can get behind the second issue and know Feenstra will deliver as promised. As of this post, he’s about $700 away from his goal, and you can get digital copies of the first two issues for just $5 (a solid deal).

In a hope to get the project over the top, DeWayne has also promised to rent a gorilla suit for San Diego Comic Con and will wear it for at least 2 of the 4 days, including snapping photos and video of  his adventure.

The hours are ticking away, so chip in what you can!

the adventures of aero-girl


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