Oni Press Appoints Tim Wiesch Vice President of Business Development

tim wieschRiding high atop a wave of successful, acclaimed new titles, awards, and opportunities, Oni Press has announced the appointment of Tim Wiesch as Vice President of Business Development.

Wiesch rides triumphantly into Oni Press after spending five years as Dark Horse Comics’ Director of Foreign Licensing, spearheading the publishing of numerous Dark Horse titles in territories across the globe, from South America to Mongolia, and much of the world in between. Though, an expert in the field of foreign licensing, that’s far from all Wiesch will be responsible for in his new position at Oni Press.

2014 has been a time of thunderous success and growth for Oni Press.  As the staff prepares for the rest of the convention season and undertakes a rapidly growing publishing schedule, it’s safe to say this storm is far from over.

Congrats to Tim on the position!

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