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Toy Stories – Friday May 9th 2014

May the Ninth be with you…..oh, we’re not doing that anymore? Sorry about that. Here’s a few news items from around the toy world.














A picture posted on Facebook, from what looks like a Japanese catalog, shows off some new Hasbro Marvel Legends. We have the mandatory Wolverine (unmasked version), X-Men Storm, Uncanny X-Men Cyclops, Stryfe, maybe the long lost Jubilee, and finally a new Magneto. New versions of Logan, Storm, and Slim are nice but getting Stryfe and Jubilee are welcome surprise. Magneto has been criminally underrepresented in the 6″ scale and seeing a new, modern incarnation in his classic costume is a sight for sore eyes. Maybe a re-deco into his Uncanny and solo series costumes could be included Hasbro? No word yet if this a Con box set or a single figure retail series.

Don't say on your left!

Don’t say on your left!












If you like having money, just avoid looking at anything Hot Toys releases or is going to release. Hot Toys teased another great 1/6th scale figure from Captain America Winter Solider – The Falcon. No release or price point yet, but expect this year and for it to cost in line with the other figures from the film and come loaded with goodies!

Still the law

Still the law












Art Figures is releasing a very exciting new toy later this year. I’ve become very interested in the 3rd party figure industry of late, what with the great Transformers that are out there, and this one makes me want to take the plunge even more. The Heavy Armoured Special Cop will come out this September and set you back $140. Well worth it for a Karl Urban as Judge Dre…. I mean Heavy Armoured  Special Cop figure. This “Not Dreed” features a boat load of goodies. Things like:

– Leather combat jacket
– Leather combat pants
– Combat boots
– Combat gloves
– Bulletproof vest w/Name plate
– Tactical shoulder pads
– Tactical knee pads
– Helmet w/eyeglass
– Gas mask
– Smoke grenade
– Stick grenade w/Holder
– Machine pistol w/Holster
– Clips w/Holder
– Tactical folding knife
– First aid kit
– Gas mask bag

That’s a lot of stuff! The sculpt, paint, and articulation all look solid. If your a huge fan of the movie that this character isn’t from, this would a solid end of the year pick-up. Pre-orders are up now on various sites.


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