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Magnetic Press Debuts on comiXology

Magnetic Press‘ anticipated graphic novels are coming to comiXology. The publisher announced a distribution agreement today with the digital comics platform. The graphic novels will be released as serialized chapters.

To celebrate the  launch, the first chapters of their upcoming graphic novels Naja and Super-Ego are now available on the site. Naja tells the tale of a female assassin who feels no pain in search of the mysterious person who wants her killed and is written by JD Morvan with illustrations by Bengal. Super-Ego is a series created, written and illustrated by newcomer Caio Oliveira, recounting the madcap adventures of a psychotherapist dedicated to treating members of the superhero community.

Follow-up titles will include Zaya, by writer JD Morvan and artist Huang-Jia Wei as well as Meka, also by Morvan and Bengal with additional titles scheduled to debut in the fall.

NAJA_digital_cover_01 SE_digital_cover01

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