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Syfy adapting Pax Romana, Letter 44 and Ronin for TV

NBC Universal LogosWhen it comes to television, comics are the hot property with numerous series in development through numerous studios and for numerous tv stations. SyFy is getting in on the act, as they have announced three different series being workd on.

As reported by Deadline, Pax Romana, the amazing comic series created by Jonathan Hickman and published by Image Comics is being developed. Circle of Confusion, which seems to be behind many of these shows, will produce and Syfy veterans Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia of Warehouse 13 are writing the show.

The story involves a time traveling special forces team heading back in time to ancient Rome to help the future. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news on the other two television series. Frank Miller‘s Ronin and Charles Soule‘s Letter 44 are also being worked on.

Ronin is being worked on as a mini-series by Warner Television and DC Entertainment. DC originally published the series in the 80s. The story involves a Ronin is displaced into 21st Century New York to fight demons. The TV series will take place “eight centuries” after the Ronin’s former master was killed by a demon, with the ancient warrior waking up in a distant future in the body of a young man named Billy, and back on the hunt for the Demon.

Letter 44 from the prolific Soule is an amazing series published by Oni Press. The story involves a new President who discovers a secret involving his predecessor, aliens, and a space mission. We’ve been saying you should be reading this series since it launched.

So, much like the big screen, the small screen too will be filling up with entertainment based on comics!


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