This Astromech Is Astonishing

Sideshow Collectibles teased fans this week with a sneak-peek of an upcoming deluxe sixth scale figure, and what a peek it was. Just watch below:

R2-D2!!!!!! At this point I think we need to start asking Sideshow Collectibles a very serious question. Is this really a sixth scale figure, or are they creating sixth scale DROIDS? This thing looks amazing. It has all the bells and whistles (probably not literally, I doubt it makes sounds) that an R2 fan could dream of. You get a lightsaber handle, hologram Leia, drink serving attachments, and so many other little bits and bobs. I’m trying to limit myself to 1 overly expensive toy purchase a year (what with bills and other grown-up stuff) and this little guy just might be it. Sorry Winter Soldier, you just got bumped.

The Deluxe Sixth Scale R2-D2 will go up for Pre-Order “very soon” according to Sideshow Collectibles, so stay tuned. I’ll also keep you posted on my investigation into whether or not this company is developing real droids.