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Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

YES! I called it!! I should explain a little. A few months ago (on my criminally under-listened podcast), I made a prediction. Given the direction DC Collectibles was heading with some of their releases for 2014, we’d be seeing some Justice League Dark figures soon. Today… confirmed! The DC solicitations for July showcased two new figures to look forward to: John Constantine and Zatanna.
















I couldn’t be happier to see these figures. I’ve always loved Zatanna; other than Dr. Fate, she’s my fav DC magic user. She’s been just as good in the New52 as she was in the Pre52. They’ve added some depth to her character and her “relationship” with Constantine has been great to read about. I’m not 100% sold on her face sculpt, but there’s still time for this to improve.

Constantine, on other hand, is near perfection. What an amazing figure we’re getting! The loose tie, unbuttoned collar, and smirk are character-perfect. Just add a little stubble to that baby face, and he’s a grand slam. Also, check the left hand. Aside from the cool rolled up sleeve, it does look like he’s holding a cigarette in his hand. Will Constantine come with a sculpted cigarette between his fingers, or is it simply a “spell casting” gesture? Either way, with that level of articulation, he’ll be puffing away on a smoke even if I have to make it myself. DC looks to be giving each character points of articulation that make sense, as opposed to giving every possible joint to everyone.

John Constantine and Zatanna will be available this October at your local comic book store.

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