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More than meets the 3rd party eye!









Fanstoys, a  Japanese 3rd party toy manufacture, has showed off their latest “Iron Dibots“figure. This one’s official name is Soar, but we all know it’s Swoop. For OBVIOUS legal reasons they can’t call it Swoop, mention Dinobots, Transformers, or anything else that would bring a truck load of lawyers down upon them but the figure kinda speaks for itself. With a great design in both robot and dino-mode, this figure would fit really well in any Masterpiece collection. Swoo….I mean Soar is available in both red and blue paint decos for those who prefer the original toy or the show colour scheme.


This is the 2nd Dinosaur themed transforming robot from Fanstoys. The first being Scoria, or “not Slag”. With this image released, it looks like Fanstoys does plan to make the entire classic line-up in their Iron Dibots series. Which means we’ll see a “King” T-Rex eventually. I have the Masterpiece Grimlock (Hasbro release) and I love that figure, the only problem is the size. Grimlock is a little too small in my opinion and the Fanstoys versions look to be a little beefier in size, so hopefully their T-Rex will follow suit.

If you’re interested in adding either Soar or Scoria to your collection, hop on over to your favoutire online toy retailer and lock in a pre-order. These beauties are selling for around $200 but that will only go up on the secondary market. I’ve never taken the the plunge into 3rd party figures before but these may be a great place to start.

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