Medikidz Makes Healthcare Understandable Through Comics

type-1-diabetes-2nd-edMedikidz has a unique mission. They’re out to create a global community of young people who are informed, empowered and health-aware. A lofty ambition for sure, but here comes the fun part…they are using comics to do it!

Comic as education is nothing new. However comics as innovative resources for medical professionals, patients, and caretakers around the globe is on a whole different level. To-date, the UK based company has distributed over 3 million copies of their unique comic books worldwide. In 2011, they took on AIDS in Africa reaching over 100,000 young people in clinics across Swaziland, a region plagued with the highest number of HIV patients in the world. In 2012, the company’s two FEMALE CEO’s were celebrated on International Woman’s Day as leader’s in the New Zealand medical field. In 2013, they went digital with MediKidz Explain Type 1 Diabetes available on both iOS and Android platforms, and they brought their team of 5 larger-than-life superheroes to the USA.

Their comics run a range of topics, from ADHD, cancer, depression, allergies and more, the comics take complicated topics and make them easier to understand for individuals. The content is written by and peer reviewed by medical doctors to make sure it’s accurate.

Their recent release,MediKidz Explain Epilepsy is a unique title for the brand. Thanks to the help from The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey the company created a comic book around a real-life case study; a 14-year-old patient named Jack. Jack was brought on board to help advise the Medikidz team of medical and comic book professionals about the ins-and-outs of living with epilepsy as a teenager. The 32-page full color comic book has since become another invaluable resource for people of all-ages diagnosed with epilepsy. In fact, thanks to a MediKidz presentation at Jack’s school late last year, a female classmate who read the book realised that she was also experiencing seizures, and is now getting the right treatment for her own epilepsy diagnosis!

You’ve got to like a comic that educates and can help folks out as well! This is a company that takes the idea that the hero “saves the day” literally.