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NAJA Premiere Trailer and Tweet to Win!

Naja is the perfect killer because she feels nothing… literally. Her body registers no pain, nor does her heart, coldly executing jobs given to her by her mysterious boss, known only as “Zero.” When another killer in Zero’s organization targets Naja for elimination, she has no choice but to fall off the grid and seek answers, as bloody as they might be…

Written by international creative powerhouse JD Morvan (Sillage, Zaya) and illustrated by French sensation Bengal (Meka, Luminae), this 248 page hardcover graphic novel collects the entire five-book series into a single lavish album! Featuring a foreword by Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Last Days of American Crime)!

Magnetic Press is also running a contest giving away a signed, Limited Edition slipcase bundle of Naja! There’s two ways to win….

FACEBOOK USERS: simply share this page between now and 11:59pm PST this Friday, April 4th.

TWITTER USERSsimply tweet or re-tweet the video link, or a link to this page, with the hashtag “#NajaTrailerUS” between now and 11:59pm PST this Friday, April 4th.  You may re-tweet up to twice each day for more chances to win!!

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