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TV Review: Comic Book Men – Episode 316 – Knights of the Stash

Warning Spoilers Ahead

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Jason Mewes invites the guys to a Renaissance fair for medieval revelry and a customer brings in one of the most valuable items the Stash has ever seen.

The most valuable item is interesting and kicks off the show. This is an item I’ve never eve heard of, which is a reason I like the show. As usual it’s a fun thing about the episode, I find something about geekdom that’s new to me. The end decision about the deal, I’m not too sure on, but it’s always interesting to hear Walt’s thought process on how he comes to his decisions.

I’ve never been to a Renaissance fair. There’s little about it that interests me. So watching how these guys react going to one is entertaining. It’s all clearly set up and none of it is realistic in that you or I could experience one like they experience it. The situations are fun, and in the beginning the crew is rather mixed in their enjoyment, but that generally turns. The most interesting thing is that there’s a good debate about how Walt judges the folks who appreciate Renaissance fairs, but they themselves have no issue with comic related cosplay. I wish there was more discussion of that, as it’s well worth it. But, thankfully most of the group seems to disagree with Walt, who’s the judgy one of them.

Overall, the episode was an ok one, maybe the weakest of the season, but there’s still moments that got me to laugh. I do appreciate it on some level…. still not sure I’ll ever go to a Renaissance fair.

Featuring: Ming Chen, Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic Overall Score: 7