TV Review: King of the Nerds Season 2 Episode 8: Crowning the King

curtis-armstrong-robert-carradine-king-of-the-nerds-tbsThis is it, the finale of the King of the Nerds. With four individuals left, the group must be whittled down to two with a quiz bowl which will prove their nerd knowledge. The first two to answer five questions move on.

I’ll say, though the questions are good, the two comic ones that were asked had some problems and you can argue the answers for each question weren’t right.

The questions though were good, and the two that made it to the final were solid in both their game play during the quiz bowl, but also the season as a whole.

Unlike last year, where the nerds voted for the winner, this year, there’s a gauntlet of 8 tasks dubbed the Nerdliminater. But, each person has to try to win over team members, either gaining allies or just denying their opponent a person. One person could have a very lopsided team, but they broke down pretty even.

The challenge is about 20 minutes, and each has 8 challenges they need to do. Whomever gets the most out of the 8 right wins. The challenges are really good and solid challenges. Each member can call on up to three team members to help them out. It’s interesting to see who calls upon whom to help and when. And when one person calls on a team member, and that team member declines, things get REALLY interesting. Maybe he has a reason?

Should I give the results? We’ll say the final score is very close and the competition is solid. And that wraps up another season of King of the Nerds!

Overall Score: 8.25

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