eBay and comiXology Team Up for a Digital Comic Store

While eBay dominates the auction space, it doesn’t mean they’re not looking for ways to diversify their portfolio. Part of the eBay Innovations Group, they have launched a marketplace for digital comics with a limited beta in the U.S. dubbed “eBay Digital Comics.” Much like you’d find from numerous storefronts, you are now able to purchase digital comics from eBay through a partnership with comiXology, the leader in digital comics distribution.

The digital webstore allows you to view collections by characters, collections, new releases and other spotlight material. The navigation is interesting and kind of fun, and you wonder what lessons for website comiXology might use in their own webstore. You’ll need to create a comiXology account or use your existing one, since when you select a comic, you’re taken to their store.

It’s reported that next year, a test will be launched in Europe and it’s logical extension would be eBay moving into other entertainment like movies, books, or music.


(via TechCrunch)