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Preview: BOO! Halloween Stories #1

BOO! Halloween Stories #1

$.99 – Ages 12+
Writers: David Hopkins, Jon Morris, Leonard Pierce, R.J. White
Artists: Paul Milligan, Jon Morris, Carl F. Nelson, Neal Von Flue
Colorist: Matthew Warlick

Crawling from their Crypts, their Vaults, their Mansions and Houses come twelve of the creepiest, kookiest, corniest horror hosts of print and screen, vying to win the first-ever reality competition based on scary story-telling! Meet The Mysterious Wanderer! Meet Mister Puzzles! Meet Meredeth McMoonwolf, the Spidery Old Hag, Magog and Agog, a half-dozen more eerie weirdos and their host Dyin’ Secrest and find out who will survive – BOO!


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