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Movie Review: Gravity

gravity-movie-posterI went into Gravity expecting a disaster movie in space. It’s that and so much more. Director Alfonso Cuarón who also wrote the film, has created a horror movie for adults. One that’s one of the most technically and visually amazing films I’ve ever seen. In the span of an hour and a half, I felt myself tense up, tear up, cringe, hold my breath, and curl my toes in abject terror all while my jaw lay on the floor. The film is simple, a medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

While many would think that the movie stands on the shoulders of star Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it’s all Cuarón. So much so that if he’s not nominated as best director, I’d look at revamping the entire nomination process. The direction and visuals is what this movie is about, with takes that are breathtaking in both looks and taking yours due to the tenseness. I’ve never seen a movie that comes close to the mastery shown here. This will redefine movie making for a generation.

The story itself is a bit flimsy. It’s a disaster film, but at the same time a horror film. Much like a coed being stalked by a serial-killer, Bullock and Clooney are hunted by time and gravity. But gravity is more than just the force we feel every day, it’s the magnitude of the situation and weight on their shoulders to survive as well as their lives.

Throughout the attempt to survive we’re given more and more insight into the two’s backgrounds and history. One who has been stalked by tragedy and the other whose emotional maturity is thin at best. The gravity of their lives is discussed as they attempt to make do with the situation they find themselves in. That acting is good, not great, with Clooney playing himself and Bullock showing only a part of the acting chops we’ve seen her have elsewhere. It’s not bad at all, but their abilities are overshadowed by the visuals.

That horror aspect is interesting, as many of the emotions that flowed through me as I watched the film are the same I’ve felt when watching movies of that genre. The movie is disguised with its sci-fi shell.

As the credits rolled I sat there debating to see the film on its next showing. It’s that good. Cuarón has created a movie that holds up to the expectations and hype and easily slides into my top ten favorites of all time.

Direction: 10 Acting: 7.75 Plot: 7.5 Overall: 9

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