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Transformers: Legends – The Colossus War

Transformers app iconToday DeNA wraps up its September to Remember campaign for the entertaining Transformers: Legends mobile card battle game with a new episode called The Colossus War. This episode brings together an epic battle as the villainous Galvatron teams up with the Decepticons to try and take down Metroplex and the Autobots. This new episode runs through October 2, 2013.

This week on Transformers: Legends

Galvatron, eager to turn the tide of battle has summoned Trypticon! This massive monstrosity capable of untold destruction will invade Autobot territory to push the Decepticon line forward. Standing in their way is the Autobot fortress Metroplex under the command of Rodimus!

Will Metroplex and the Autobots hold their ground or will they be crushed by the ferocity of this Decepticon beast? Prepare yourself for the The Colossus War!

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