Dynamite’s Noir in November

Dynamite has announced the November release of Noir, a new comic book miniseries that unites Miss Fury, one of the first female superheroes, with the Black Sparrow, a villainess featured in the bestselling comic series, The Shadow.  Written by acclaimed crime novelist and respected comic author Victor Gischler and illustrated by Andrea Mutti, Noir is a five-issue crime drama with supernatural elements, including an appearance by the ever-mysterious Shadow himself.

In the first issue of Noir, the Black Sparrow, a mercenary and thief who had previously fought and loved The Shadow, is hired to steal the mysterious Moon Stone from a New York museum.  Deciding to hold onto the precious jewel for a better payday, she angers her former employers and becomes a target marked for death.  Only the assistance of an old flame can keep Black Sparrow one step ahead her pursuers… but will The Shadow help the woman he once tried to kill?  And when Miss Fury, a dangerous and possibly unhinged heroine, enters the fray, will these three masked adventurers play nice… or go to war?

The first issue of the five-part Noir miniseries is solicited in the September Previews catalog for preorder by retailers worldwide.  Noir #1 features a cover illustration by Ardian Syaf.  As a special incentive, for every 50 copies ordered by retailers, they will receive a complimentary rare variant edition featuring Syaf’s black-and-white line art.