NewKadia is Giving Away $30,000 in Comics in September


Photo: has decided it’s launching the biggest comic giveaway in history. The “world’s largest online comic store” is giving away $30,000 worth of comics away in September.

NewKadia will select 300 people (10 per day) at random to win a $100 Gift Card. The card can be used for any of NewKadia’s 698,000 back-issue comic books. No purchase is necessary. You can find the full contest rules at the website.

The contest launched to celebrate the website’s 10 millionth shopper to, who visited August 18, according to NewKadia’s CEO, Jim Drucker, citing data provided by Google Analytics and Alexa, a subsidiary of

The privately held, Inc. opened January 1, 2000 and its website, is now the world’s most visited online-only comic book store. Among comic book stores without a brick and mortar store, NewKadia is the longest operating comic book retail store on the internet. Over 1.1 million people shop at each year.

NewKadia’s 698,000 comics weigh 43 tons. If piled on top of one another, they would reach 6,013 feet high — four times the height of the Empire State Building. If placed end to end, they would stretch 110 miles, the distance from New York to Philadelphia.

NewKadia has 9,200 different titles and 110,000 different comic books for sale. They include most issues from the Silver age, Bronze age and Modern age of comics. The best-selling comic book is Amazing Spider-Man comic books. X-Men comic books, Fantastic Four comic books, Mad Magazine, Batman comic books, Avengers comic books Classics Illustrated comics, Daredevil comic books, Superman comic books and Wolverine comic books round out NewKadia’s top seller list.

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