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Transformers: Legends Releases Junkion Reunion Episode

DeNA’s popular Transformers: Legends mobile card battle game launches a new in-game episode called Junkion Reunion. This new episode runs through September 3, 2013.

This week on Transformers: Legends

After the defeat of Unicron, Ultra Magnus must return to Earth to rebuild in the aftermath of the brutal Decepticon assault. He brings with him his Autobot comrades from the planet Junkion, including their new allies Wreck-Gar and Wheelie. However, their reunion is short-lived as they are interrupted by a sneak attack by the Insecticons who have a score to settle.

Biding their time, the cunning Insecticons wait for the right moment to strike. The preoccupied Autobots are overwhelmed by their surprise attacks. Will they stand a chance against the vicious attack?

Find out in this week’s Junkion Reunion episode!

More Chances to Get Sharpshot!

In the Junkion Reunion episode players have even more opportunities to earn unique Episode Cards. There will be three kinds of Sharpshot Character Cards for you to earn, each with unique episode bonuses (3x / 5x / 7x) and distinguishable by the art.

The 7x Episode Bonus Sharpshot Cards are attainable in the Episode Space Bridge, or can be acquired for 500 Ruby Medals.

The 5x and 3x Episode Bonus Sharpshot Cards can only be acquired by Ruby Medals, 60 for the 3x Episode Bonus Cards, and 230 for the 5x Episode Bonus Cards.

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