SPX 2013: Suprise Guest Carol Tyler Announced

The Small Press Expo has announced Carol Tyler as  a surprise guest to SPX 2013, to be held September 14 and 15. Carol will be in addition to previously announced guests Seth, Jeff Smith, Raina Telgemeier, Lisa Hanawalt, Adrian Tomine, Gary Panter, Liza Donnelly, Gene Yang, Congressman John Lewis, Rutu Modan, Peter Bagge, Ed Piskor, Dash Shaw, Liniers, Domitille Collardey, Frank Santoro, Farel Dalrymple, Michael Kupperman, Anders Nilsen, Jon McNaught and Ulli Lust.

Carol just completed You’ll Never Know, a three-volume graphic memoir, detailing her search for the truth about her father’s World War II service while examining the damage his life-long, untreated, post-traumatic stress has had on her family and relationships.

The latest installment, Soldiers Heart, is nominated for a 2013 Ignatz Award in the Best Graphic Novel category. The Ignatz Awards, the first festival prize of its kind in the comics world, will be voted on at SPX 2013 by the shows attendees.

The highly-praised first two installments, A Good and Decent Man (2009) and Collateral Damage (2010), received 4 Eisner nominations plus an Ignatz nomination, and garnered the Ohio Arts Council Award for Individual Excellence. A Good and Decent Man was also a finalist for the LA Book Prize.

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