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SPX 2013: Jon McNaught, Ulli Lust and Other International Guests at SPX 2013

Small Press Expo has announced Jon McNaught and Ulli Lust as featured guests to SPX 2013, to be held September 14 and 15. Small Press Expo is honored to have the first appearance of both of these guests at this years show, as well as a number of other international guests. Jon and Ulli join previously announced international guests Seth from Canada, Liniers from  Argentina and Rutu Modan from Israel.

This year SPX has the most international creators from the most countries that have ever attended the festival.

Here is the list of international creators, as well as more information on both Jon McNaught and Ulli Lust:

  • Argentina – Liniers
  • Australia – Caitlin Major,  Jason Franks, Matt Emery, Matt Hoddy
  • Canada – Seth, Michael DeForge, Adriana Blake, Elaine Will, Gibson Twist, Matt Cummings, Ryan Smith
  • Germany – Ulli Lust
  • Great Britain – Jon McNaught, Roger Langridge, Nick Abadzis, Joe Decie, Joe List, John Allison, Lizz Lunney, Philippa Rice, Sean Azzopardi, Simon Moreton. Timothy Winchester
  • Israel – Rutu Modan
  • Italy – Delebile
  • Mexico – Mario Gonzales
  • Netherlands – Margaret de Heer

Jon McNaught is a printmaker, illustrator, and comics creator, who has won rapid critical acclaim from such comics luminaries as Seth and Chris Ware. Jon has illustrated various articles for such periodicals as the New York Times and the London Review of Books.

His self published comic, Birchfield Close, was discovered by the groundbreaking British publishing house NoBrow, who will be bringing Jon to this years show and published his critically acclaimed Dockwood. Jon has drawn the cover to the SPX 2013 Program Guide, which will be available for free at the SPX registration tables.

Born in Vienna in 1967, Ulli Lust is an internationally renowned cartoonist, illustrator, and publisher making her first appearance at SPX 2013.  This year Fantagraphics Books published her 464-page memoir, Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life, which details the summer of 1984 when she hitchhiked across Italy as a broke punk rocker.

Ms. Lust has been nominated in the Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Graphic Novel categories of the Ignatz Awards this year for Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life. She currently works in Berlin.

A complete list of all 657 exhibitors is available at

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