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Gen Con 2013: My Con By the Numbers

This is the second major convention of 2013 where I tracked how far I walked over the four days and how many calories I burned. Just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean you can’t get some exercise too. Here’s the final numbers for Gen Con 2013!

Gen Con 2013 Overall

Steps: 45,573
Distance: 19.78 miles
Calories: 1,878

Compare that to San Diego Comic Con stats from this year, and you can see the convention juggernaut is also that when it comes to exercise too.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Overall

Steps: 60,512
Distance: 25.61 miles
Calories: 2,482

However, this Gen Con was much better than last year’s convention

Gen Con 2012 Overall

Steps: 30,716
Distance: 12.75 miles
Calories: 1,236

There’s still Baltimore Comic Con, SPX and maybe a few more other conventions to come, so we’ll see if any can top SDCC and how each does per day spent there.

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