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Picks of the Week: Princeless: Tales of the Family Ashe

Princeless-tales-of-the-family-Ashe-coverI’m a huge fan of all things Princeless. So, of course I’m going to recommend this one-shot Princeless: Tales of the Family Ashe by Action Lab .

While Adrienne is having the adventure of her lifetime, her family is getting pulled into the fray! Learn what happens to the ethereal Angelica in the aftermath of Adrienne’s rescue attempt! Shudder to learn what horrible fate has befallen Adrienne’s next sister, Angoisse! And learn the rest of the tale of the young King Ashe, ensnared in the trap of the fiendish elves.

There’s numerous reasons to recommend this comic and series every chance I get. The first is, with this one-shot, we get more of what’s going on with Adrienne’s family. The second is, this is one of the few series that’s as smartly written for kids as it is for adults. Third, it’s also a series that throws out all of the stereotypes and tropes we see in other comics and stories, giving us a strong female minority lead. This continues to be one of the most important comics currently being produced.

Here’s 9 other comics to check out this week in alphabetical order.

  • A1 #2 – The first issue of Titan Comics’ anthology series was beyond fantastic. I’m expecting more of the same from this one.
  • Ghosted #1 – A horror/crime mashup that’s equal parts Ocean’s 11 and The Shining. Sign me up!
  • Hawkeye #12 – One of the best Marvel comics on the market. It’s not afraid to shake things up in its storytelling techniques.
  • Justice League #22Trinity War, nuff said.
  • Night of the 80s Undead #1 – Another Action Lab comic. This time from their adult Danger Zone imprint. The series skewers the 80s with a mashup of zombies.
  • Quantum and Woody #1 – The popular Valiant duo returns!
  • Shelterd #1 – The men and women of Safe Haven have been preparing for any-and-all end of world scenarios for years. However, their bunkers, weapons and training can’t save them from the one threat they never could have expected: Their own children.
  • The Standard #3 – This should be on everyone’s list. The publisher offered you your money back if you don’t enjoy it.
  • The Westwood Witches #2 – A great horror comic from indie publisher Amigo Comics.