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Amigo Comics in September 2013


Story by: El Torres
Art by: Diego Galindo, Carmelo González
Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos

This is the final episode of “The Cleansing” arc! Bram and Weasel are stuck between a rock and a hard place: to leave the assassins to kill the Magistrate’s wife and children, knowing that he will show no mercy… or saving them and face the wrath of the Great Families of the Thieves’ Brotherhood!

  “As I got finished with Rogues #1 – I was filled with pure adolescent joy.  It is the type of theatrical rumbustious adventure that fantasy gamers dream of!  Boris-esque Fantasy Heroes!  Unrealistic Physics-Defying Heroines! Monsters! Magic! Rescues! Curses!  If you want it, it’s in here!”

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SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99
UPC Code: 700371999995-00611


Story by: Angel A. Svoboda
Art by: Angel A. Svoboda
Cover Artist: Angel A. Svoboda

Join the fun and adventure fighting the Xulu mythos! Doctor Ment, Harry and Elvis the Airpuff must free the world of the Curse of the Mottled Tentacle… but they can’t do it alone. They’ll travel from the Florida swamps to the Himalayas to get some help from Selma the Witch and her servant, Otis the Zombie!

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SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99

UPC Code: 799456681627-00211

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