This Was Not the Saying You’re Looking For

President Obama and Spider-ManGeeks heads exploded yesterday as President Obama, our Commander in Geek, merged his Star Wars with Star Trek by saying the he can’t perform a “Jedi mind meld” to get Republicans to agree to a sequester deal.

I’ve posted about the President’s geek cred before. The man collected Spider-Man and Conan comics and seemed to generally get his pop culture references. But this slip adds a little burnish to the luster. As the Washington Post points out, this hurts his nerd cred. This is after the internet winning response to a petition to build a real life Death Star.

Today the President is likely to pick of and chuck a basketball, not some dice. When the President heads to enjoy the outdoors, it’s for golf, not the L.A.R.P. He’s attacked video games numerous times in attempts to score political points. This is a President that embraces nerdom when it’s a good photo-op but seems to fumble when it comes to soundbites.

The White House new media team hopped on the goof and #jedimindmeld became a popular hashtag on Twitter. The White House released this, hyping their side on the sequester fight.


But the fun wasn’t just to be had by the President and his team. The RNC tweeted: