Pick of the Week – Mara #1

It’s a small batch of comic books out this week, but even in a packed week, Brian Wood‘s Mara #1 would be a top contender. The series set in a future where sports is a global competition (even more so now), all eyes are on Mara, a volleyball playing goddess. There’s lots of set up in the first issue with amazing art that fits Wood’s solid story telling. This is a hell of a start of what I’m sure will be another classic series by one of my favorite writers.

  • Mara #1 – see above
  • Amazing Spider-Man #700 – It’s the end of an era as this long running series comes to an end. A new Spider-Man is up next which brings us to…
  • Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 – The possible first appearance of the new Spider-Man.
  • Deathmatch #1 – BOOM!’s latest series helps us answer the question of who would win the fight between two characters we know we’ve all had.
  • Aquaman #15 – DC’s revamp has made Aquaman an A-lister. In a week with few releases, you should find out why yourself.
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