Clone #1 Gets a 2nd…. Printing

In Clone #1, the debut of the new series published by Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics imprint, Skybound, explores the world of Dr. Luke Taylor, who discovers he has a potentially countless number of clones. However, the same isn’t true of print copies of the science fiction thriller by David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp, resulting in the first issue selling out at the distribution level!

Image Comics’ experts in print replication are on the job, however, and a fresh batch of Clone #1s (OCT128376) will arrive in stores on January 9. Sporting a distinctive orange logo, these second printing copies will be otherwise identical in all respects to the first.

The issue first made its appearance in comic book stores on November 21.

Readers who did not get a chance to experience this exceptional specimen are encouraged to make sure their comic book retailer places an order!

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