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The Legend Lives On. Luther Strode Gets 2nd Printing.

The eponymous Luther Strode makes his first appearance in the The Legend of Luther Strode #1 as a fist bursting through a closed door — and through a man’s head. Justin Jordan‘s and Tradd Moore‘s creation, first introduced to the world in 2011 in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode has come far indeed. Now, The Legend of Luther Strode #1 has sold out at the distributor level and will receive a second printing (NOV128050), to be in stores on January 9.

The first issue of the second volume of the series continues the over the top series is fantastic. I loved the first volume, it was just kung-fu fantastic with violence that was splattering fun, and art that matched it’s kinetic blasts.

The first issue of the second volume continued with the awesome picking up right after the first and upping the action and the legend. If your store is sold out of this first issue, do yourself a favor and grab this reprint when it hit stores in January.

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