New This Week from Bluewater – 12/12/12

Wrath of the Titans: Force of the Trojans #1

Writer: Chad Jones
Artist: Damian Graff

Monsters are on the loose! As a dangerous dragon tears through the streets of ancient Pythia, the god of the sun Apollo, and his sister, the goddess of the hunt, Artemis leaps to the rescue. Who is the shadowy foe behind the creature, and what does he want with the twin gods of Olympus?


Odyssey Presents: Valkyrie vs. Venus: ONE SHOT

Writer: Erica Carlson-Schultz
Artist: Eduardo Mello & Grafimated Cartoon

An unusual amulet, an ancient spell, and a whole lot of money render Venus, the Goddess of Love, a slave. An evil, mad genius looking for revenge on old enemies uses the Goddess to exact his wishes. Valkyrie must work her own magic to break Venus from the spell.


John Saul’s The God Project #3

Writer: John Saul and David McIntee
Artist: Federico De Luc

Sally and Bernie Montgomery have found some disturbing information about the death of their baby daughter – but is it really an answer, or just another question? Malone, meanwhile, continues to search for Lucy Corliss’ missing son Randy, but his investigation is soon to surprise him.  Meanwhile, who really runs the CHiLDhood network, and who or what is GT-21…?


Walter Koenig’s Things to Come #4

Writer: Walter Koenig 
Artist: Juan Baez

The spilling of blood.

The death source and the life source.

The end of humanity and its beginning.


50 Shades of the Twilight Games

Writers: CW Cooke & Crystal Vandiver
Artist: Gabriel Rosswell

Take one part bloodsucker, one part magician, one part ruthless huntress, and throw in a little bondage. What do you get? An all-out battle where arrows fly, teeth gnash, and magic spells clash. Who will survive? Find out in “50 Shades of the Twilight Games,” the new graphic novel parody from Bluewater Productions.


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