Amigo Comics is Here!

Amigo Comics is here! The new comic publisher plans on publishing their love for comics about fantasy, about horror and even science-fiction! Amigo is proud to seek out creator-owned projects and to forsake licensed properties.The new publisher is starting with El Torres and Juan José Ryp with Rogues! #1. will feature all our upcoming projects and partners as we continue to move full steam ahead. Online you can meet the authors, see works in process and even order original artwork.

Amigo Comics plans on starting their plans to conquer the world, with fantasy title Rogues!, after which soon other titles like the horror story The Westwood Witches, Gargantuan and Shadow Legion. Be sure to check out the website and their Facebook page!

Rogues! #1 is a fantasy on-going series created by El Torres and the hot artist Juan José Ryp, currently drawing for DC and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment with the acclaimed “Clone” ongoing series!

Ryp will draw the first issue of the series, that will be continued by awesome artists like Mike Genlot and Diego Galindo.

Or with the words of Juan José Ryp himself: “The Rogues are back in town… and I’m really happy to see this dear old series –the first series I had the honor to create with El Torres, have finally its second chance. It’s also a honor and a pleasure to introduce them to the newest readers with this first issue.”