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Pick of the Week – Bravest Warriors #2

This week has many solid comics, but one is standing above the rest for me, Bravest Warriors #2. The kaBOOM! Studios series based off of the new Pendleton Ward cartoon is so beyond wrong and off the wall, it’s just amazing. I’ve never read or seen his more famous creation, Adventure Time, but this series makes me want to go back and check it out.

The series follows a team of adventurers taking over for their parents who are AWOL. This comic might look like something for kids, but boy is it not. The first issue had me laughing out loud numerous times, I’m expecting no less for the second issue.

When a series has me talking incessantly about it, you know it’s something special. Do yourself a favor and go grab the first two issues. Check out the rest of the top five comics.

  • Bravest Warriors #2 – see above
  • Princeless: Short Stories for Warrior Women #1 – The praised series deserves it’s accolades. The brilliant comics take traditional fairy tale tropes and turn them on their head, but it also stars and African American lead. A great comic for kids and especially young female comic fans. But, don’t let that fool you, it’s a comic series as smart for adults as it is fun for kids.
  • Supurbia #1 – The first volume of this series from BOOM! Studios was too short, luckily we now have an ongoing series to enjoy. The comic is an adult take on super hero teams and boy is it a doozy.
  • Captain America #1 andIndestructible Hulk #1 – How can you not mention the latest first issues from Marvel NOW!?
  • Judge Dredd #1 – I only know a little about Judge Dredd, so this new series by IDW is on the top of my pile to check out.
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