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My Tatooine Flower Pot

I like to spice up my flower pots with small interesting items. One I have a gnome looking over the edge at the other pots, another has a small bear (the gnome is looking at it as Colbert has taught us bears are threats) and another has a lady bug. This weekend I was inspired by a cactus I picked up at Ikea to go geeky with the latest scene, building a Star Wars landscape featuring Tatooine.

The scene depicts C-3PO and R2D2 making their escape as Sandtroopers check out the crash site of their escape pod. The parts were simple, a Lego set, some sand and some rocks. The final items I’m still searching for, two watering globes, one red and one yellow to represent the twin suns.

And the in-progress shots:

General Marvel