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Nancy In Hell On Earth #4 Is Late And The Creators Are Sorry…

The creators of Nancy in Hell apologize for the lateness of issue four of Nancy in Hell (on Earth)!

Originally scheduled to be released a month earlier, the creators give the fans a graphic excuse and explanation as to why this happened…

Nancy In Hell (On Earth) #4 (of 4)

Story by: El Torres
Art By: Enrique Lopez Lorenzana
Colored By: Fran Gamboa

Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: FEB120511
On Sale: November 07, 2012

If Nancy and Mr. Macabre can’t trust each other, will they be able to join forces to stop Archangel Gabrielle from destroying the world? And even if they succeed, Hell will keep spreading over the Earth. And what happens with Lucifer and his Twelve?

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