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Final Feat, Available November 2012 on iPad

NARR8 has released an all new video for the motion comic series Final Feat launching on the NARR8 app on the new iPad and iPad2 this November 2012. Final Feat is only one of the five fully animated motion comic series available at launch. Complimented by music and sounds each page comes to life to bring action and adventure to readers’ fingertips.

The time when honorable Gods protected the world and maintained peace passed. Ceaseless wars ruined earth and humans quickly lost faith in the Gods. With hordes of hideous beasts spreading terror and death, the world plunged into chaos. In these dark times, only the Gods’ envoys — heroes of the past – will be able to save the Earth. Find out if these heroes will be able to prevent the land from plunging into darkness in their final feat.

Filled with terrifying monsters and godlike heroes to great leaders of the past and academia in the form of edutainment, all content will be free to download at launch next month, November 2012.