The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Led Zeppelin Graphic Novels Now on iTunes!

Throughout the 90’s, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics”, was a popular staple on the newsstands. The newly packaged graphic novels through Bluewater Productions in partnership with the original creators Revolutionary Comics are now available digitally through iTunes, Kindle & Nook.

More than seventy biographies of notable bands and rock legends are featured in the “Rock & Roll Comics” graphic novel series. They include The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who and dozens of others.

The list of titles now available digitally are:

  • Rock & Roll Comics: The Beatles Experience by Stuart Immonen and Mike Sagara
  • Rock and Roll Comics: The Pink Floyd Experience by Spike Steffenhagen, Jay Allen Sanford and Ken Landgraf
  • Rock & Roll Comics: Led Zeppelin by Spike Steffenhagen and Jay Allen Sanford
  • The Elvis Presley Experience by Jay Allen Sanford and Aaron Sowd
  • The Runaways (Joan Jett & Lita Ford) by Spike Steffenhangen and Jay Allen Sanford
  • Rock & Roll Comics: Hard Rock Heroes by Jay Allen Sanford, Todd Loren, Spike Steffenhagen & Christie Maconnell featuring: Guns N’ Roses; Metallica; AC/DC; Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne; Motley Crue; Poison; Van Halen; Black Crowes; Motorhead; Pantera; Megadeth; Sammy Hagar; Anthrax; Joan Jett/Lita Ford; Skid Row
  • Orbit: John Lennon by Marc Shapiro

Each one is sold separate digitally from $1.99 to $9.99.  Bluewater who is known best for their biographical comics, such as Fame, Female Force and Political Power.

You can still get the print versions of the books at national bookstores throughout the US as well as through online stores such as Amazon & B&