Pick of the Week – Mind MGMT #6

Matt Kindt is a talented creator and his series from Dark Horse, Mind MGMT #6 is a testament to that creativity. The series follows a writer and her tracking down a secretive organization that may or may not have something to do with the CIA, mind control and all kinds of shady stuff. The writing is brilliant, art amazing, story telling fun and entertaining and the small details like ads or items are the pages contribute to the overall feel of a series that deserves a much bigger audience.

  • Mind MGMT #6 – see above
  • Revival #4 –One of my favorite comics this year, Revival focuses on a small town where the dead have risen. It’s a mystery at the top of it’s game with a focus on the people of the town as much as the world and circumstances they inhabit.
  • Punisher War Zone #1 – The Punisher is set to get a solid footing of his place in the Marvel U and it looks like it’ll start with this issue.
  • Bravest Warriors #1 – A new Adventure Time spin off is here. I know this comic will be huge so feel it’d be silly to leave off the list.
  • Irresistable #4 – Some might write off this comic as a male power fantasy, but there’s a lot more here than that. It’s a tale of getting too much of what you want. So far, very entertaining.