Red Skull Foiled By Jewish Vigilantes

20 Year old Kevin Crawford was trick-or-treating a bit early this year when he decided to rob a Brooklyn bank. Screaming “Happy fucking Halloween!” and “I told you fucking 20s. Hurry up,” Crawford demanded $4,000 and got twice that from bank teller. Crawford was wearing this Red Skull Halloween mask.

Crawford fled and was followed, where  he was stopped and busted by nearby by Borough Park Shomrim volunteers, who held him until the police arrived. The Shomrim who stopped Crawford are unarmed, civilian patrols set up by the Hasidic communities in NYC. Their purpose is to help fight burglaries, vandalism and anti-Semitic attacks but do not have any authority to make arrests.

This all occurred at the end of a two-day bank robbing bender by Crawford. The spree began on Tuesday where after being denied opening an account for 17 cents, he returned and stated “Give me the money out of the register. I will kill you bitch.” He obtained $1,960 from that robbery. On Wednesday Crawfored hit another bank earlier in the day stating, “Trick or treat, give up the cash or I will kill you, bitch motherfucker,” but he fled empty handed.

Crawford was charged with robbery and attempted robbery.

(via New York Post)

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