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Cleveland Public Library Presents a Card Honoring Harvey Pekar


This past Monday, the Cleveland Public Library released their new Harvey Pekar library cards. The native Clevelander Pekar was has been honored not just by this limited edition membership card, but also a bronze statue erected in his honor right outside the library.

Cleveland Public Library director Felton Thomas explained his choice in choosing Pekar for this honor:

He brought Cleveland to life through his work and was a loyal patron of CPL. It’s our pleasure to offer this card to our patrons in his honor.

The card’s design is based on artwork from Joe Remnant’s illustrations for Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland.

If you are a Cleveland resident and want to get your hands on your own historic Harvey Pekar Library card, the normal replacement fee of $1.00 has been waived, so all you really have to do is head over to your local CPL and ask for a new Pekar card.