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Pick of the Week – Cyber Force #1

I thought long and hard as to which book to choose for this week’s top pick. I settled upon Top Cow‘s relaunch of Cyber Force #1. This was for a few reasons. The first is this is the relaunch of one of their top series. The second is how they went about it. Cyber Force #1 is a “free” comic, helped funded by Kickstarter. In theory your comic shop should be handing this issue to you for very little, or hopefully nothing at all. That’s a hell of a plan and venture, one I have to stand up and give a clap to. We’ll see if how it works out and if this audacious plan pays off in the long run, but just for the fact they did it is reason to make this comic our pick of the week.

  • Cyber Force #1 – see above
  • The Activity #9 –Image Comics’ series that looks at a special ops team is gripping action that keeps me entertained with every reading. It’s so good on so many levels.
  • Marvel Now Point One #1 – Marvel is in the beginning of it’s reshuffle, here’s what will likely be a key piece of that puzzle.
  • Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1 – Tony Stark and Iron Man have played a key role lately in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. His solo series should put even more of a focus on his brilliant anarchy.
  • The Walking Dead #103 – With the series premiere, I’m guessing this comic will be huge and lots of non-regular comic readers will be checking it out.