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Preview – Idolized #2


Writer: David Schwartz
Pencils: Micah Gunnell and Pasquale Qualano
Colors: David Curiel
Covers: Humberto Ramos and Peter Steigerwald (cover A), Rachel Clark as Joule, photographed by Michael Schwartz, with effects by Peter Steigerwald (cover B).

While trying out for the hit new TV show, “Superhero Idol”, 18-year-old Leslie Linnell (aka Joule) must compete for a spot in the crime-fighting group “The Powered Protectors”.

She must prove her courage, powers, and ability to win the hearts of millions of viewers so that she can seek vengeance for her parents tragic death at the hand of the villian, Stasis!

IDOLIZED #2 is in stores September 26th, 2012!